Project Protect disposable face masks are customized to your unique organizational brand, messaging and marketing. You can provide Face Masks affordably, efficiently, reliably and in many cases, as a tax deductible donation. You will be doing the right thing not only for your company, but also for society and the planet. Let’s roll…

About The Project Protect Face Masks

Each mask is packaged individually in a custom branded recyclable pouch.This makes distribution easy and Hygienic.

The package is custom branded with up to 5 colors.

It’s easy to get underway with Project Protect. We provide full service design, manufacture, shipping and delivery of your order.


The Cost

Disposable Mask: $0.78 per unit (based on 10,000 unit minimum order)

KN-95 Mask: $1.42 per unit (based on 10,000 unit minimum order)

Each mask is packaged individually in a clean custom branded pouch. The cost of each mask in completely inclusive of all fees and covers shipping. The masks will ship to you from our headquarters in Asbury Park, NJ.

The CDC recommends wearing a face mask in public areas and maintaining a safe distance from others. They also recommend that a face mask be worn and replaced every eight hours…and never reused.

Following this guideline many wearers will need multiple masks per day. Face masks must be abundantly available in cities large and small, yet there is currently a worldwide shortage of them.


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Disposable Face Masks

Our quality disposable face masks are FDA and CE approved. They provide a high 90% particle filtration rate and 95% bacterial filtration rate. Each face mask is individually packaged in a hygienic recyclable custom branded pouch.


KN95 particulate-filtering face mask

Our KN95 mask is a particulate-filtering face piece respirator that meets the U.S. FDA and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) KN95 classification of air filtration, meaning that it filters at least 95% of airborne particles.


Face Mask Distribution

When you become our client, you can leave the rest up to us!
Here are a few distribution options to consider:

Personal Distribution

Face masks can be delivered directly to you (or your agent). You can then distribute directly to your customers, clients or target audiences.

The tax free charitable donation Program

Our donors support free face mask distribution to their target audiences in individual branded packaging. This is done through a tax free charitable donation to our 501c3 organizations. If you are also a non profit organization messaging and branding has no restrictions and you are able to distribute as you like. But if you are a for profit business in the United States there are government regulations for branding and distribution that must be followed to comply with IRS guidelines.

Providing Masks

Stores, restaurants, museums, public transit, churches, community organizations, businesses and by individuals. We are able to deliver masks on your behalf to other organizations or groups such as schools, churches, community events.

Distribution Outsourcing

Project Protect has a group of partner organizations that can distribute your masks for you. We can discuss this in further detail with you.

Company distribution

If you are purchasing Project Protect face masks through a company transaction and not as a charitable contribution you are able to brand sell or distribute the masks as you like. Branding, messaging and logos are completely at your discretion and there are no government restrictions. Our art team is happy to work with you to develop packaging artwork and branding if that is helpful.


Project Protect will provide clear and accurate information about how to use face masks as well as behavioral change that can reduce the transmission of the virus. This information will be provided on the packaging, on our web portal and in person during most distribution events.

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