We offer two different styles of masks: The disposable face mask and the KN95 face mask. KN95 face masks offer the added option of printing your messaging or logo directly on the mask.

There are two ways to order Project Protect masks, depending on which path best matches your mission:

1. Tax Deductible Donation

Project Protect Face Masks can be obtained through a tax free charitable donation.

Coronavirus Project Protect is a project of the Tides Center tides.org. Tides supports over 140 projects with fiscal sponsorship, providing them with 501(c)(3) charitable status (and, thus, the ability to accept tax-deductible donations). The Tides Center is harnessing the power of philanthropic giving and collective action to catalyze support where it is needed most to tackle COVID-19.

To comply with US tax code, philanthropic contributions can not have a dual purpose in marketing or promotion of a company. To adhere to the tax code non profit organizations are able to brand, message and distribute as they like however for profit entities will be limited to less obvious product branding and there are regulations for distribution as well.

2. Company Transaction (Not a tax deductible donation)

If you are a for profit company and you prefer to include your company identity, logo or branding directly on the face mask itself, you may choose this purchasing method.

This method of program participation allows you to have heightened visibility for your company and brand recognition among those who receive and use your branded face mask.

Simply stated, your company logo, tagline and branded message can be anything you like and messaging can even be laser-printed directly on the KN95 mask itself, in addition to the packaging. There are no limitations at all on distribution. You are able to give away or sell the masks without restriction.